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(Venture capital from 100,000 euros)

About the founder...

"My apprenticeship was a period of mixed emotions, an accident resulted in a broken back, but was generously compensated and this enabled me to start afresh outside of the United Kingdom. Beginning in The Netherlands, I built my first sports car and hit the open roads of the continent for the next 18 months.

My New Life had now truly begun!

However, I was approached by a well-known global printing company to develop the first electronic coin device for their copy machines, this led to a 27 year association with the company leading many very complex business projects. After a number of years as a senior executive, ‘corporate retirement’ enabled another chance to make lifestyle choices. I still had the drive and enthusiasm, but now with free time and funds, I was able to take the opportunity as a professional Day Trader resulting in my book scrumANDcrumb©. However, I still have the constant urge to help and mentor prospective entrepeneurs, EnzoEnzo EMEA is this reality."

Paul AD Langan